...or Further Proof That My Dad Has Way Too Much Time On His Hands




Mr. Jonathan was born on April 7, 1999. However, that should not be held against him as he was not consulted prior to the decision to rollout was made. Among his interests are walking, climbing, contemporary music, philosophy, animal rights, podiatry, modern dance, performance art and young ladies.
Mr. Jon-Jon contemplating the fickle realities of life in the Western world after a particularly meaningful stroll through the primate habitat at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo August 10, 2000.

My Jack Palance impersonation.
Good. Isn't it? You should see my Cagney.

Uh...Wot's The Deal?

Well, it started as a way of seeing Jon while I was on the road. Now it's evolved into a bit of fun. As I'm sure most parents have noticed, our kids can be real characters. Watching Mr. Jonathan for just a little while is infinitely more entertaining than anything on television. Not as cheap though...

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Still a tad short but making progress. June 10, 2001

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